Paddle Boarding is more than just fun

Ever get tired of the same workout routine? That problem can be solved very easily and can also be fun when you become more adventurous with the activities. I’ve been paddle boarding a few times in Austin, Texas, and when I went on vacation in Florida. Paddleboarding is an outside activity almost all people can do.


When going out paddleboarding I suggest bringing a friend or even your pet. Just being on the board out on the lake or ocean clears your mind. A good 30 minutes to an hour on the paddleboard will be perfect. You won’t realize it but by the time you get back home, your muscles will start to feel sore. The reason being is because you are using almost every muscle in your body from your arm when paddling to your core and legs from keeping your balance.


Sup ATX is one of my favorite places to go paddleboarding. They also have more things to do like kayaking or even fishing on the lake. There is always something to do around that area. I always see people running around on trails and walking their dogs. Sup ATX is in downtown Austin located on Lady Bird Lake. That’s not the only place you can go, but if you are looking for a more intense core workout I would suggest paddleboarding in the ocean. The waves make it harder on the legs and nothing beats that ocean view. I got good at holding my balance and being able to go fast and long. I tried yoga on the board which was fun and requires that core and balance.

The first time I got on that board with my cousin I knew this will be a thing I will always suggest people do. It is peaceful and fun plus you get a good workout in without even knowing it.

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