Hike To New Adventures

Would you rather take a walk, run, or try something different? How about trying something more adventurous instead of the normal routine.  Instead of doing the boring walk down the street I decided to take a stroll into nature. Hiking is now something I love to do.

Benefits from Hiking

  • Build endurance
  • Build strength in legs and core
  • Help control weight
  • Boost your mood by slimming stress and anxiety
  • Lower your risk of heart disease
  • Improve your blood pressure


Not only does it benefits the body in different ways but you also get other perks out of hiking. Some of those perks are nice views, fresh air, and the sound and smell of nature. I suggest starting slow and go on small hikes and then work up to the difficult 3+ mile hikes. The  pictures on here are taken at one of my favorite hiking place, Purgatory Creek in San Marcos. It is also dog friendly as long as they have a leash.

Safe Hiking Tips

Bring a buddy. Don’t go alone for the first time if you are unfamiliar with a trail. It’s best to go with a friend or a group, that way they can assist if you get hurt or lost.

Know before you go. Check the weather before you go out and make sure you go at a reasonable time so that it won’t get dark on you when you’re out there. Make sure you know the trail very well by looking at the map or trail marks.

13076864_1106765322678584_8089173598078276317_nSo instead of the boring treadmill or running around in circles at the track try something new. Go out there and explore the beauty of nature.


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