Training for a Half

Training for a half-marathon is no walk in the park. Running 13.1 miles might seem hard to do, but if you already can run up to 3 miles or more than I say you are ready for training. I trained for a half marathon about two years ago and my race was at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. There are many different ways to train, but the main thing is to just get out there and run. Since this was my first time running a half marathon I decided to do it with a partner and that partner happened to be my cousin.


You can have a friend join you on your runs or bring your dog so that the long mile runs won’t be so lonely. There are groups anyone can join that run together and train for different types of running events. I never go to the track to run because running in circles can get boring. I usually run through neighborhoods or on trails.

Before you start you should find some races you would like to run in and set a date so you have enough training time. Find a great training guide you can follow that works with you. I found a perfect half marathon training guide that works best for me and I found it on Pinterest . Start running at least four times a week and cross train at least one day a week. Cross train could be swimming, lifting, biking, or anything that doesn’t involve running.

just remember a few things:

  • Eat clean
  • Have proper shoes
  • Stick to the plan

Good luck training!

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