Yoga Works Wonders

Yoga works wonders in many ways with the mind, body, and soul. There are many benefits that people don’t know about. I hear most guys don’t like to try yoga out because it is more for girls, but that is wrong. Yoga is for all types of people and age groups, just depending at what type of level you are on. Here are some benefits:

Improves your flexibility: Most won’t be able to touch their toes but when you keep doing yoga you become more flexible and sooner or later, touching toes will be easy. You will start to notice that pains and aches will disappear. You can also build strength through yoga, you balance it with flexibility. Lets say if you go to the gym and lifted weights, you might build strength through flexibility.

Hot yoga benefits: When doing hot yoga be ready for some major sweat. The temperature in the room needs to be heated to 37 degrees C. The heat and yoga moves makes it feel like a detoxification of the body because the heavy sweating will help flush toxins from the skin.

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Here is a picture of me doing the what some call the grasshopper pose. This pose will workout the arms and core.while focusing on your balance. Start off by doing a downward dog going into a push up position and placing one leg onto of the arm while the other leg is sticking straight out. This is a more advance pose and takes time to perfect so I suggest starting off with basic yoga poses.

Yoga will help the body relax and improve the breathing (which will also help with people who have asthma) and focus the mind to give a better mentality. Yoga can help tighten your tummy, tone the legs, sculpt the arms, and detox the body all one session. This is a fun new way of strength training that will tone and workout the body while feeling good about yourself.


Paddle Boarding is more than just fun

Ever get tired of the same workout routine? That problem can be solved very easily and can also be fun when you become more adventurist with the activities. I’ve been paddle boarding a few times in Austin, Texas and when I went on vacation in Florida. Paddle boarding is an outside activity almost all people can do.


When going out paddle boarding I suggest bringing a friend or even your pet. Just being on the board out on the lake or ocean really clears your mind. A good 30 minutes to an hour on the paddle board will be perfect. You won’t realize it but by the time you get back home your muscles will start to feel sore. The reason being is because you are using almost every muscle in your body from your arm when paddling to your core and legs from keeping your balance.



Sup ATX is one of my favorite places to go paddle boarding. They also have more things to do like kayaking or even fishing on the lake. There is always something to do around that area. I always see people running around on trails and walking their dogs. Sup ATX is in downtown Austin located on Lady Bird Lake. That’s not the only places you can go, but if you are looking for a more intense core workout I would suggest paddle boarding in the ocean. The waves make it harder on the legs and nothing beats that ocean view. I got good at holding my balance and being able to go fast and longer. I tried yoga on the board which was fun and requires that core and balance.

The first time I got on that board with my cousin I knew this will be a thing I will always suggest people to do. It is peaceful and fun plus you get a good workout in without even knowing it.



A girl and her blog


My name is Maricela Alexsis Zambrano but I go by Alexsis.  My major is advertising in mass communication with a minor in business. I love being active whether its working out at the gym, going hiking, or training for a half-marathon. Most of the time if the weather is perfect, you can  catch me outside. I follow many fitness blogs on Tumblr and watch my favorite youtubers speak about fitness on their YouTube channels.

The topic for my blog will be healthy living which will consist of different ways to being active without even knowing you are working out and also eating clean. I chose this topic because this is the lifestyle I strive to live by.

The healthy life choices I want to make are not just for my body but also for the mind and soul. I hope to explore more about different ways to help me and other people live a healthy lifestyle, also to become more confident in my mind and body. The goal is to find fun ways to be active without feeling like it’s a mandatory workout. No one likes a boring routine when it’s the same workout or tasteless meal prep you made for a week.

I want bring in new ideas and healthy ways to make a positive change that will impact peoples life choices. The audience I will likely engage with is people who seek change in there negative living habits. I want to engage people who want to make a change in there health by doing thins other than a regular routine in workout and eating habits. I will also try to include different locations where the activities can be done. I want to show off unique photos of the activities and delicious meals.