Blog Summary

WordPress really was a great tool to help me learn more about blogging. I really liked the links. I feel like the tool links were more effective because when you click on the link it can take you to another page that is similar to the blog topic. The sharing tool was a great way to put your blog out there and get more views.

I would want to improve on making my blogs stand out more than other blogs. I want to include more variety of health concerns and things people love to hear. I feel that learning how to blog helps me get one step ahead because I now know how to do more than I ever had. This experience will look good on my resume for jobs to look at. I know can use these tools that I learned from class to help a future employer with their social media. I can now make apps, blogs and videos.


My most popular week was April 24, 2017- April 30, 2017 with nine views and seven visitors. My most popular post of the year was Clean eating is good for the soul with 8 views. I had a total of 109 impressions on this tweet I shared. I feel like this was the most popular post because a lot of people can want to eat clean and have a healthy lifestyle and this post talks about that. What surprised me when I was looking at the site stats data I saw that I had four views from Canada. In my twitter stats, my top tweet in the last 28 days was Zumba is the new workout. The tweet had 130 impressions, 12 engagements, 9.2% engagement range.


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